Durlston Comes to an End

The exhibition has spent more than two weeks in Dorset and has now been packed away and is travelling into Devon. There have been some fantastic comments gathered by Anita from visitors to this beautiful location.

durlston exhibition

Durlston 4

“Very impressed, beautiful textural and inspirational. Really amazing to talk through your experiences and your techniques for producing your dramatic artwork. Loved the artists sketchbooks. Richards sound boxes were such a surprise and very evocative with natural objects and sounds. Unique.”

 “Lovely mixed media exhibition, interesting. It was great to read about the project and to see photographs and sketchbooks.”

 One lady who could not walk well anymore sat for ages listening to the boxes she said:” oh how lovely, I can visit all of the places I used to without having to leave the room” She went on to tell me all of the names of the birds from their song.

 “Evocative colours and shapes. wonderful to be able to discuss this amazing project with the artist, the gorse and The Undercliff montage are my particular favourite”

 “Very interesting, enjoyed seeing the sketchbooks too”

 “Wonderful ceramics, so fine you can see the light through them”

 “It is fascinating to see how the 5 artists all see one place”

“Brilliant work, great idea and beautifully displayed too, thank you.”

 “Thank you. I’ve really valued looking at the workbooks. brilliant”

 “Excellent exhibition, so good we had to come back for a second look”

Anita has been in residence throughout the exhibition and has created daily prints.

anitas dailys durlston

daily print durlston Anita daily 2 durlston

Its next appearance will be in Stokeinteignhead, near Newton Abbot across the weekend of Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April. As well as the much admired work from five artists,  local people will take part in two workshops where they will create work in response to their local landscape that will be added to the exhibition. On 15th April Anita will be working with children in Stokeinteignhead village school to create prints and on 8th April Carol will work with local people in the village hall to create felt hangings.


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